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Welcome back to my blog! So today saya mau post pasal manners or dalam bahasa melayu we called it ADAB. Living as a breathing and rational creatures in this world we must have something called "MANNERS" And manners not only limited untuk parents kita. I am the persons who are srictly hold on to manners. And I believe that all of us were taught in home by our parent to show some manners. If our parents forgot to remind that things then in school also we were taught through P&P. So there is no reasons to be a "Kurang Ajar" one, unless orang buat taik dengan kita dulu then that is an exception. Kehkehkeh.... 

As we living the life, kita makin hari makin mengembangkan pergaulan dan kelompok persekitaran kita. What am I saying?! LOL! Well I mean, kita permulaannya hanya ada family, then we go to kindergarten and meet with the peoples called CLASSMATES and SCHOOLMATES until we finished our campus life, that so called MATES in our life semakin bertambah. Until we meet our SOUL-MATE. 

After that as we living the life with the soul-mate, our other mates might become less, but in the other side our FAMILY sudah bertambah. Kalau dulu kita cuma ada 1 parent, sekarang sudah ada 2 mama and 2 papa. Dulu cuma ada maybe 1 kakak, then bila sudah married with a man with 12 sisters, then you totally have 13 sisters! Isn't that great??

Shortly, semakin lama kita hidup semakin banyaklah perhubungan yang kita create kan? Unless you are the people yang stay in your room all the time or the "KATAK BAWAH TEMPURUNG" one then you might only meet a few people in your life. Tapi sekarang dalam bilik pun kita boleh create relationship dengan the other peoples sebab dunia sudah canggih right? If your house or your room connected to the internet access then you probably layan social media 24/7 kan....hehe. 

So what am I going to say here is, PUHH-lease have some manners towards every peoples that you meet. Trust me that you won't RUGI sesen pun untuk tunjuk adab baik dengan orang lain. Instead you will known by your positive side. Aren't you proud if one of your parent's friend said, "Eh anak si Mikidin tu bah, bagusnya, sudahlah lawa, pintar, beradab lagi". Hahahahahhaahahhahahahahaha!!!! Itu contoh! Contoh hokkay! Tapi kalau begini mesti ndak best didengar, "Eh anak si Raza Kunta tu bah, sudahlah ndak hensem, kuajaq, kuat kencing orang lagi tu, padanlah ada bini queen control!" Hehe, x kena mengena dengan siapa-siapa k. 

This is based on real situation k, sudah terlanjur kekwat dengan macik tu, tiba-tiba dia tersuka dengan anak dara macik tu, pastu bila mau masuk meminang, mentah-mentah pinangan dia kena tolak. Padan muka. So meaningnya di sini, don't only have some manners when we are talking to our father, mother, auntie, uncle, grandma, grandpa and whoever are older than you in your family and relatives lah. Show manners and respect also towards the other oldies. Ini mentang-mentanglah bukan mak bapak kau, suka sucre jak mau tunjuk kurang ajar kan? Imagine if YOUR PARENTS were treated like that by the other peoples. PANASSSS kn...?? Rasa mau tumbuk-tumbuk jak muka orang yang buat begitu dekat parents kita.

Same goes to the youngsters. Just because they are not your pampered children, not your beautiful nieces, handsome nephews, cutie pie grandchildren then you are not showing love towards them. LOVE meaning here doesn't means you must-mandatorily (ada ka words ni?? Haha!) pampering all the young peoples that you meet, kissing their cheeks, hugging them, patting their heads, It is more than enough if you talking gently, having positive thinking towards them, treating them how you want your child to be treated by the other oldies. Bayangkan if you selalu buat budak tu macam piece of rubbish, tiba-tiba anak you suka gila dengan dia sampai tahap sanggup bunuh diri kalau tidak dapat kawin dengan dia. Mau ndak mau you have to treat dia macam anak sendiri kan, sebab sudah jadi anak menantu. Acaner tu???

Life is full with surprises. So please expect the unexpected. Anything possible in this life. Jadi supaya tidak menghadapi situasi-situasi yang awkward, do have some manners, peoples! In life, we have something important untuk difahami, dihadam, diserap betul-betul dalam kapla hotak that is; KARMA or in Islamic known as KAFARAH. What goes around comes around. You kurang ajar, kekwat, biadap dengan orang lain, and you should never wondering why some peoples are acting like S**t towards you. Until that moment comes, start with your attitude first. Get the positive vibes by releasing the positive vibes in yourself to the others. 

Panjang lebar sudah post kali ni, so stop sampai sini dulu k. Another post is coming up next. Let me know if you are reading this post k cause I appreciate all the readers. Well, see u later! :*

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