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Full-Time Housewife

So today I will tell you about my full time activity after graduating in 2014. Why took so long to post about it, well the reason is in the previous post ----> Thank You Kak Dida Ok basically, after graduating, saya sambung kehidupan seperti biasa, Alhamdulillah masih diberi kesempatan untuk menunaikan tanggungjawab sebagai seorang hamba Allah S.W.T, sebagai seorang isteri, anak, kakak and of course sebagai seorang ibu untuk my beloved princess Izzara Adelia Amanina.
So why being a "Full-time Housewife" after more than a year graduating???? Yes I am being a full-time housewife but it doesn't mean I am a jobless right? Sebab saya bukan seorang yang suka buang masa dan jadi seorang yang non-productive.
Jadi sebenarnya, waktu cuti saya selepas graduation only for 11 months long. If I'm not mistaken, on October 2015, I started my on-line business. What did I sell?? Sebagai permulaan, saya jual 6 pcs lipstick, 6 pcs lip balm and 6 pcs nail polish. And Alhamdulillah for now my business semakin berkembang and customers pun makin ramai. 

Other than that, my sister in law, Kak Suraya invited me to be a Mary Kay beauty consultant. I'll tell you later about this yah. :) So besides selling makeup stuffs, saya jg bergerak dari rumah ke rumah doing Mary Kay skincare class and basic makeup. I like my "job" right now because it doesn't make me 'terikat' dengan thumbprint, office hours, emergency leave and everything else. Haha! 

Futhermore, the business runs so well and I don't have to worry about paying my PTPTN loan and anything else. Because the reason I studied sampai degree bukanlah semata-mata untuk dapat kerja lepas graduate. But it's more to fulfils my parents' wishlist. "Kalau ada rezeki dapat kerja, Alhamdulillah take that job. If got no rezeki, then it's okay do some business which is also good for you." My mom said. 

I'm not telling you here, that I am satisfied being a full-time housewife and only doing my on-line business. But I am grateful that I am given the chances untuk jaga and works for my little family and focus on my baby Zara's development. 

So being a full-time housewife is not as boring as you think! Yeah it's tiring but challenging and happening. Plus I have a beautiful-naughty-active baby like Zara so full-time housewife is more challenging comparing to run a campaign. :) Enough until here about "Full-time Housewife", till we meet again in the next post. :*

Qu Puteh, Qu Puteh barulah Puteh!!! hahaha!

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