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17 Random Things About Me

I am obsessed to anything related to make up.
Love taking pictures especially SELFIE.
I love collecting planners and diaries. Lagi-lagi kalau planner or diari yang ada design cute-cute!
Saya bila buat kerja, saya mesti buat sungguh-sungguh, bila saya sudah puas hati dengan hasilnya, baru saya assume it done. So hire me! 

 I hate cockroaches! They are not insects, they are MONSTERS.

 Branded things or not? Well, saya tidak terlalu mementingkan brand bila beli something untuk dipakai like handbag, baju or tudung, as long as it look nice on me then it's ok. 

 I have a really really sensitive acne-prone skin. 

 If that hotel doesn't have a nice lobby, classy room and a good wi-fi access then it's not a hotel. U get what I mean. Hehe.

 I am never wearing same clothes with the same pants and with the same tudung. Well u can scroll my IG if you don't believe it. 

 I'm not a shopaholic woman. I am usually spend a lot of my money on little, cheap, cute and useful things. And for that reasons, I always get excited whenever I entered Daiso, Mr. D.I.Y, Kaison, Familia and kedai-kedai yang sama fungsi dengannya. Hehe.

 I am a STALKER. Yes I am, I followed and stalked beautiful hijabister and makeup artists. 

 I love perfumes.

 I don't put a tester in stores directly to my face. 1st cause I am allergic to bacteria and dirt. 2nd I am allergic to the weird looking of the workers and peoples around me whenever I touch the tester. Like U know that 'pandangan menghina' right? 

 I hate smokers. Don't get mad if I cover my nose in front of you masa ko merokok k. Bau 1 hal. Kedua keluar bah resdung ku. Siksa aku. Huh!

 I hate packing my clothes but I love travel. 

 I am not a photogenic person. Every single post in my IG, took some try and errors photos. After snapping photos, editing, if ok then I post it, if not then mereputlah gambar-gambar tu dalam phone sampailah notification "memory full" appears on screen baru padam. Huhu.

 Amnie & dilemma berpisah tiada, Selalu berdua-dua fikiran. Selalu confuse between two choices. 

Ok lah gais, later in the next post. 

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