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Thanks Kak Dida!

Long time no see lovely readers! Lama x blogging, bukan STOP but my laptop ada problem can't connect to the internet access, guys. PLUS, I've been busy with my on line business and full-time housewife's duty. What type of on line business did I do? Study sampai USM tp at the end jd "Full-time housewife"? Jual2 Online jak lagi tuh! Uhmmm yeah, I'll tell you all that later on ok.

Now I'm back with blogging and yeah what is with that title? Who is Kak Dida?? She is my husband's classmate and actually she is almost being one of my biras. Tapi apa boleh buat jodoh dia dengan orang lain. And I sincerely wish her happy with her husband and her cute son. ^_^

So why thanks her? haha ekceli, post hari ni terjadi because she MOTIVATES me to writes blog again. I posted something on my WeChat moment and then she commented on that post. Here is the post I posted.
Then Kak Dida commented...^_^

So that is the reason why I suuuuumangat tulis blog lagi balik. Hehe. Really touched weyhhh...bukan senang ada readers. So this post is about appreciating the person who did make my day. Thanks Kak Dida. Mmuah Banyakkk! :)

To Kak Dida and the others lovely readers, teruskan membaca blog saya k. Sbb lepas ni Insha Allah blog ni akan sentiasa updated hokkay...Thanks semua!

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