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Welcome To Kudat!

Kudat was located in the northern island of Borneo. It is mainly inhabited by the Rungus and Bajau ethnic peoples. Kudat serves as the administrative centre of Pitas, Matunggong, Banggi and some offshore islands. The main place you should know when you reach Kudat is the Tip of Borneo.

Tip of Borneo was the place where you can have the most beautiful view of sunset here in Sabah. It will take only three and a half hour from Kota Kinabalu. Here also, there will be an annual event held. The event called as Sunset Music Fest. It was an open and the biggest concert ever held in Sabah. The Jesselton Philharmonic Orchestra will perform in this concert and some famous local singer will sing and entertain the audiences which are mostly the peoples that have high interest in music.  

Then if you go to Kudat, you must visit the Rungus Longhouses at Bavanggazo. Longhouse is a traditional house of Rungus ethnic - a subgroup of Kadazan ethnic. In that longhouse, you will get a chance to see their culture, a Magunatip dance - a dance using bamboo, watch they do the Rungus accessories, and you also can lodge in there. For those who like the adventurous activity, you also can do the hiking at the Bukit Gomantong, at Tinangol. It is challenging. 

Then, Kudat also has the "tamu" or weekly market on Tuesday and Wednesday. You will found many fresh food at the tamu at the cheap prices. The farmers will go to Pekan Tomborungus where the tamu is located to sell their own crop yields. 

If you never watch how a gong is made, then take a chance to go to Kampung Sumangkap to see with your own the gong making process. You also can buy a gong as a souvenir. They sell it at cheap price too. 

If you want to eat at an open, calming and have a beautiful view restaurant, then you must go to Esplanade Sidek and you will found the restaurants that make you eat with the relaxing ambience. You can eat while looking at the beautiful view of ocean and eat the fresh seafood as Kudat also known as one of the best place where you can get the freshest seafood in Sabah. 

Not also the fresh seafood, Kdat also famous for its fresh honey. At Kampung Gambizau, you can see how the workers who are mostly the peoples from that place itself get the honey direct from the beehive. Since it is freshly processed, so it is really good for your health. 

If you go to Kudat, it is a loss if you don't go to Pantai Kelambu. It was the best beach for picnic because Pantai Kelambu is the most beautiful beach here in Kudat, but there are also other beautiful beaches here in Kudat. So don't forget to ask your tour guide to bring you to go to the beach before you going back to your place.

Every beautiful place were introduced, but where should I stay in Kudat? That will be your question right now, isn't it? No worries. Kudat provides you many hotel and resort for you have a comfortable stay during your vacation to Kudat. You can stay in Marina Resort. It has many facilities for you and your family. You also can play golf at the Kudat Golf Club. It was called the nine-hole golf course and now called as the second-nines. Another one resort you can stay in is North Borneo Biostation Resort. It is located near Bak Bak Beach. This resort will give you the feeling of natural living yet comfortable. 

If you don't want to stay at the resort, there also many choices of hotel you can choose to stay such as Ria Hotel, The Upper Deck, and many more hotels at the Kudat town.

So, I invited you to come to my home town and get the experiences that you will never get at the other places. ...

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