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Our Pre-Graduation Day!

Finally! We are done! Congrats to all the persuasive communication student batch 2014. Both Socampers and Adwavian had presented the Final Year Project Thesis. All of the hardship and exhausting life paid-off. 
In this post, I would like to give a big appreciation to our lecturers who are also the advisor to Social Campaign and Adwave 2014. Every guidance, advise, praises and even criticism will always be the inspiration to us to be a better person in the future. Your advises will be kept in mind so that we will be more prepared and independent in facing the real world. 
Our beloved beautiful lecturers~
My right : Dr. Izzal Asnira Zolkepli
My left : Dr Nor Hazlina Hashim
To my dearest friends. Thank you for all the cooperation given. I admire and proud of the team spirit that we all shown while completing this challenging project. We have been through a lot of things and I will make it as one of the sweetest memory in my life.

"Kempen Terbaik" & "Publisiti Kempen Terbaik"
Thank you! 
With our nice friend from Indonesia, Karina Aristi.

My Sister in Comm, Nor Amirah Ayuni a.k.a Mira Maya! :*

Lastly but not least, I want to apologize for all the mistakes I have done, wrong spoken, wrong doings and everything wrong laa! :) I come with nothing, and now I am something because of this precious experiences with all of you guys! Thank You so much, see un in November for our REAL GRADUATION DAY! Insha Allah~

Sincerely by me,
Shaidatul Amni Mikidin
Publicity Department of Social Campaign 2014, USM.

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