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The Magical Word of Thank You!

"Thank you" are the simple words that we always used. But Thank You also would be a magical word to some peoples. We are often asking for help and forget to "Please" in front of our orders or instructions. Usually, some peoples are not expecting everyone to say "Please" when they are asking for help. However, many people will be expecting a "Thank You" words after they give the assistance or help others in completing a task. 

It may sound simple. But "Thank You" will touch someone deeply inside their heart. It gives a big meaning to them. These words are used to show appreciation to someone. Should be bear in mind that, giving is harder than receiving. 

Let's look for a simple example, you are asking help from your younger brother to bring down the box on the highest space of your wardrobe. He might be younger than you, but it doesn't mean that you don't have to thank him for the help. Because he used his energy to help you, means, you owe him the energy. Same goes to the study, you asking help from someone to teach you something that you don't understand. He might be your friend, but you must say thank you because you owe him a knowledge that you don't have before. 

In a company where you are the boss, even though you are the one who pay their salary, you must say a word to show your appreciation. Imagine if they did not want to go to work and you have to do all the things in the company, do you think do you able to do that? 

A "Thank You" word can change peoples' perception towards us. If before this they are thinking negatively about you, they will change it to positive as they noticed that you know how to appreciate others. 

It is also will make other people respect you more. Many of the employee dislike their boss because they are arrogant and fierce. Furthermore, some boss doesn't know how to appreciate his employee. So if the boss is often expressing his appreciation toward his employee, for example, at the end of the company meeting, the employee feels cherished. Don't only know how to scold them when the problems persist but don't know to thank them when they are doing well for the company.

Sometimes, there are peoples who refuse to give help as they are tired of helping, but no one appreciate them. So everyone should know to thank others as the moral of helping each other could be continued. We don't want to create a selfish generation and unable to appreciate the others. Say "Thank You" to everyone that helped you; parents, siblings, teachers, relatives, friends or even a strangers. Let's change our attitude towards others. Thank You!

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