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My Way : Release Your Stress

Being normal persons means you cannot run away from stress. 
Fathers, mothers, teachers, students, employees, even children, also experiencing stress. Every peoples has our own obligations and commitments. So, it's our duty to give full commitment to the tasks entrusted to us. Stress is something we should know how to overcome. If we do not control it, it will make our body immune decreasing. Then we will easily to get sick.
So this article will tell you about my ways to release my stress. 
Firstly, stop for a while doing the things that make you stress. For example, doing difficult assignments. I will not push myself to finish it quickly, because pushing myself hard over something will not make my work done successfully. Maybe it will become worse. So I take sometimes to rest and think about something calming. Such as recalling the memories or the happy moments that I had. 
Secondly, release all out the burden through singing. Some peoples like to scream or release their anger to someone. For me, that is not a good way to release the stress. If I have some money, I will go to karaoke centre such as Neway Karaoke at Queensbay Mall and sing for an hour. I will sing the high note songs so that I can scream as loud as I can. I find it effective to release my stress. So we don't need to scream to other people just to show that we are in a bad mood. 
Utilize your smartphone. Nowadays, almost everyone own a smartphone or gadget. If I am not in the mood of doing my works, I will take my smartphone and exploring some new applications. I used to love the 'SimSimi' application because it is like you are talking with someone, and it is very funny. If you are stress and want to express your stress out, try this application, I am sure it will make your day. 
Or, if I am broke and cannot afford to pay for an hour karaoke room or watching movies in the cinema, I will watch some funny videos through youtube. There are a lot of interesting and humorous videos that can make you laugh out loud and throw your stress away. I like to watch the videos of the models falling in a runway. It is very  funny, and it makes me forget about my stress. 
The other way that I use to release my stress is, window shopping. Some peoples might say; you will be more stress by doing this because you want to buy all the things that you see. But looking something that make you excited will ease your stress a little bit. For me, it will be a good motivation. I will say to myself that I have to finish my assignments and get good marks in exam, and then I graduated successfully and get a good job. Then I can buy whatever I want if I am finishing my assignments right now. It may sound nonsense, but it works! 
These are the things that I have done to release my stress. But the most important thing to reduce stress is getting close to our God. For muslim, fulfill your obligations of praying five times a day, recite the Quran and it's translation and do some sunnah praying. God will help his obedient peoples and ease their life. Hopefully, this article would help you to release your stress. Reduce stress, be a productive and healthy person for a better life.

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