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Red Ribbon Youth Club : Charity with Celebrities

Each year, the final year of the Persuasive Communication students will carry out two types of project. One is social campaign and the other one is marketing advertising or usually known as adwave. The total of students will be divided by two and asked to choose which one project they want to in. So I chose social campaign.

I chose this project because I am interested with the issue that will be catty on by the team. It is about HIV/AIDS issue. The reason i like this issue is because, for me HIV/AIDS is not a personal issue. It is a global issue and everyone should take serious about this matter.

So what is the relation between our project and the celebrities? 

Our project collaborated with the Non-Government Organization; Malaysian Aids Council. Under this organization, there are a sub community group which is called the Red Ribbon Youth Club (RRYC). This sub-organization will work together with the Red Ribbon Celebrity Supporters which are consisting of some famous Malaysian celebrities. That is why the title of this article is "Charity with Celebrities".

The Red Ribbon Celebrity Supporters will join any activities for the charity purpose especially the charity works for the Peoples Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). They will do a charity concert, sharing session with the celebrities, and many more activities.

Malaysian Aids Council (MAC) brought Aaron Aziz, Bob Yusof and Owen Yap for our event. Their presence enliven our event. They also succeed to make peoples realize that we must not avoid the HIV/AIDS issue, but we must think the way to curb it from spreading. 

Working together with the celebrities was a meaningful memory not just for me, but also to all the peoples that involved in this project. To register to be a member of the Red Ribbon Youth Club, just click the form link in the Red Ribbon Youth Club fan page. The membership fee only RM15 per year, the members can gain many amazing experiences, benefits and advantages.

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