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Facebook's Threats

When talk about the social media, we will straightly think about the thing that was created by a man named, Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook reached 900,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors. 
Other than Facebook, there are also some popular social sites; Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and Instagram are the most famous social media worldwide.  
This article not stating the advantages gained through exposure to the social networking site. However, this article will delve deeper on the disadvantages of the social networking site, especially Facebook.
The existence of social networking sites has made many peoples become more arrogant. Nowadays, it will be an awkward situation if someone ask your Facebook account and you do not have it. Having a facebook account is not a big deal, but how you use it is a problem. The habits of show-off become more significant. Any things done; the food eaten, clothes worn and many more trivial matter also being shown on social networking sites. As Harith Iskandar said, peoples keep posting the pictures to the facebook could waste his time as his Blackberry keeps giving the notification and he has to wait the picture is loading so that he can see what the picture is all about and thought it was something important, surprisingly it was just a picture of a glass of tea?! Or uploading a car key to the Instagram. It's not like the key knows how to pose and giving a 'Peace' hand sign! The main purpose of the peoples who posted this kind of thing is to show-off or in other words, they want to be a 'hot stuff'. Every 5 minutes they updating their status or post something to grabbed how many 'Likes' they will get.
When it comes to the girls' facebook account, of course it will always filled with 'selfie' photos. Posing as an innocent-cute-girly girl, adjusting their smiles so that the peoples can see how cute the dimples she has. Sometimes these girls posting an unproper picture. Wearing the cloth that exposes their body. Without realizing that the strangers can download their picture and do something bad about it. It harms. There are so many girls' were reported missing, raped and even killed. 
When someone is popular, she must have the haters. Then these haters are likely to post something that make someone she hates, mad and upset. Post something sarcastically in the facebook. There are sometimes I am annoyed to read my facebook news feed. It filled with sentences of insulting, invective and many more annoying kind of statuses. It looks like it is not a big matter to be worried about, but the crime of killing inside our country is alarming. It maybe caused by the intense of revenge and hatred towards someone until he is dare to kill.
Other than that, Facebook has made the employer become less productivity. It happens because they use most of the time reading statuses, commenting, chatting and even shopping in FB. The quality of employer decreased. Not only employer, FB also distracting the students. They are not doing their homework because they keep busy looking at the facebook's news feed. Not to mention studying at home. 
Of course, it was also neglected. 
Facebook also can cause someone to commit an illegal crime such as hacking, fraud and cheating. Malaysian itself got many peoples that were cheated through the Facbook. They lose their money in their  account. Aside from that, the issue of "Keldai Dadah" seems on the rise. 
So the overexposure of the social media; Facebook, not giving many benefits. The disadvantages of it may cause a big loss to someone even may lost his life.

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