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Holiday a.k.a Study Week

Yeayyyy! Holiday! Does it really means that i'm gonna totally relax?? Oh well no!! I have to study and catch up sooo many things that i missed up during the lecture weeks..huhuhu..

And the subject that i sangat sangat sangat dan teramat risau is Japanese Language! Goreng pun tidak tau macamana ooo..huahuahua!!

And the same time yang paling bikin sedih my brother in law will get married this weekend. And i can't go. Anyway, i wish him a blissful marriage & the wedding berjalan dengan lancar. Hope Ateng and kak Ijah berbahagia hingga ke anak cucu & mudah2an d murahkn rezeki & given barakah by the Almighty Allah swt. Amin~

Ok done with complaints and i have to go back to my Japanese text book..daaa..

P/s: By the way Adelia send her regard to all of u! (*^﹏^*)

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