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13 signs u're falling in love!!

U can't stay mad at him 4 more than a minute or 2..u actually have 2 try hard 2 stay mad..

U'll read his sms over n over again..
U'll walk really really slow while u're with him..
U'll feel shy whenever u're with him..
While u're thinking about him ur heart will beat faster & faster..
By listening 2 his voice, u'll smile 4 no reason.
While looking at him, u can't see the other people around u..
U'll start listening 2 slow songs..

He becomes all u think about..
U'll get high juz by their smell..
U'll realize that u're owez smiling 2 urself when u think of them..
U'll do anything 4 him.
While reading this, there was one person on ur mind the whole time..

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