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My Great Group Mates~

Post for my group mates!!!
the busiest weeks come again~ last week & this week were the most crazy weeks for us guys. As usual, towards the end of the semester, we have to submit our assignments, project papers, do the nerve-wrecking presentations, proposals & so on. Alhamdulillah i got a great team for this sem. 
My team members are so much cooperative, hard working, responsible & caring as well. All my group mates were the best person! Thank You guys, hope we will get a better grade for our efforts~
And for the kakak2 senior & abang senior yang telah sekumpulan bersama saya, it was wonderful to work with you, i got more experience & get the chance to work with someone yang datang dari level yang berbeza. Best sangat, thanks for the guidance & tips ya!
And this week we will present our works, good luck guys! Thanks 4 everything. & sorry for all the mistakes i have done~ I'll miss the moment we got tense & happy together..huhu v,v"
~Thanks Thanks Thanks~

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