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First of all..I want to wish..happy deepavali to all Indian in Malaysia & also to all Indian in the whole world...hope you celebrate it without any sad feeling...:)

Not like me...sedih sebab x dapat nak balik Sabah..huhuhu..alone in my room..
But,I've found my happiness when didang called me then she said she will be in Island on Wednesday and asked me if I want to follow them to going back to their home at Kepala Batas..tanpa berlengah2 apalagi terus jawab.."ya aq mau ikut kamu...ambik aq sini..!" hahahaha!!

We've promised to meet at Perangin Mall..but they only came after 2 hours I've waiting for them... I've lied if I say I didn't mad..but it just a little bit because while waitin' for them I have a long phone conversation with my beloved man...I've saw many things..a women got summoned by the Penguatkuasa..mad old couple..from ordinary dating to extravaganza style I saw...hahaha!!  

Then at 7 o' clock..dorg pn sampai....benda pertama yg aq cari sekali masuk Perangin Mall is FOOD!! I am really hungry...really really hungry..because what..I didn't take my breakfast & lunch yet...I brought a set of chocolate pancake...after that we're goin' to find the Karaoke Room because it's been a long time I didn't do my primary hobby..hahahah!! But there is no karaoke in Perangin we went to 1st Avenue then we register at the Red Box Karaoke...u know what,the karaoke room we pay is for 7 hours karaoke...!!!! wow it's really satisfying! The sound of that karaoke room was too awesome..then what is really best is..we have the buffet...from 8pm to 11pm....huhuhuh..kenyang...~~

We sang many songs..& for sure the songs was all high pitching..because we want to scream out loud on that day....mmg best lah! Lepas jam 12,kami pn balik...lucu'y bila kami sampai kat ground floor tu,it's really horror...because nobody's there anymore..we decide to goin' back upstairs..then we heard someone is calling....we open the lift back..and thank god it was the mall's security..hahahah!! He told us the exit door..

Sampai hostel aq jam 1 lebih..then cerita2 lg...dekat jam 2 baru tidur....hahaha!! mmg best lh..Indian happy sambut Deepavali..kami pn happy jg....hahahah!!

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