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20 Things Girls Want Guys To Know

1. We luv when u cuddle with us. 
2. A kiss on the cheek is definite yes!                                                   

3. We want u 2 put ur arm around us.

4. We don't care if u are the strongest guy in the world.

5. Size doesn't matter so don't tell us!

6. We don't owez look our best so,,,,,get over it!

7. We shouldn't have 2 plan everything.

8. We're owez ready 2 call us..

9. We're not perfect, so deal with it..

10. We loooooovveeee surprises...!!  
11. The little things u do mean the most..

12. We're not owez girly girls..

13. We can like boy's stuff too..

14. Cursing & fighting,,don't impress us..!!

15. Don't be mean 2 us 2 get our attention..

16. Don't tell us who is hot, cuz we don't care..

17. We can tell when u're not listening, so listen up..!                                    

18. When we say we r cold..that's our invitation 2 come closer..

19. Hugs mean more sometimes.

20.We need ur advice sometimes so don't be afraid 2 give it 2 us..

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